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Western Area Moroyama Town

Izumo Iwai Shrine Autumn Yabusame Festival

The Yabusame (archery on horseback) is a Shinto ritual of the Izumo Iwai Shrine and has been passed on from over 950 years ago, making it a traditional event that still takes place today.

A boy around the age of 15 will train rigorously until the festival to perform the ceremony. Not only is the vigor and skill of the boy shooting the arrow from a horse running at full speed a sight worth seeing, but the costume is gorgeous as well!

Izumo Iwai Shrine Autumn Yabusame Festival
Date and time
November 3rd (Culture Day)
Izumo Iwai Shrine (Moroyama Town Iwainishi 5 Chōme 17-1)
5 minutes on foot from JR Hachikō Line’s “Moro Station”,
10 minutes on foot from Tobu Goose Line’s “Higashi-Moro Station”
Contact information
Moroyama Town Historical Folklore Museum Archive 049-295-8282
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