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The Air is Full of Spring with Chichibu’s Shibazakura!

The Chichibu city area can be seen from the Hitsujiyama Park.

The park is surrounded by lush green nature, which is why the townspeople use this as a place to relax.


The natural scenery changes from season to season and in the spring is the Shibazakura, which people go to this park to see. When it becomes spring, more than 9 types of 400,000 shibazakura bloom and carpets the floor to become the “Shibazakura Hill”.

Kanto is pround of leading the planting of Shibazakura that use the multicolored flowers to create various designs.

A pink carpet of shibazakura with Mt. Buko, the symbol of Chichibu, in the background can only be seen here. When the flowers are in bloom, they spread out along the streets of Chichibu and adjacent is a sheep farm, which is a special spring spot for families to enjoy.


Since it only takes about 20 minutes from Seibuchichibu Station, it is easy to take a day trip from Tokyo.

Admission Fee



From the middle of April to the beginning


Best time



6360 Omiya,Chichibu-shi


Seibucichibu St,OhanabatakeSt,8min by taxi,20min on foot

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