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Mitsumine Shrine: “A sanctuary close to the sky where the gods are enshrined”

Mitsumine Shrine can be accessed by bus from the Seibu Chichibu Station and by walking up the mountain path, which takes about 80 minutes total.

The shrine is surrounded by hundred year old cedar trees, is 1,100m above ground, and is a historic shrine with over a 1,900 year history.

If you get off the bus and walk to the shrine, you can breath in the fresh air at the summit and you can walk around and actually feel the sacred grounds.


From the youhaiden (worshipping altar), you can see the foot of the mountain and enjoy the magnificent view from Mt. Miune.


The hall of worship, which is surrounded by sacred trees, was built 200 years ago and each decoration has a breathtaking beauty to them.Japanese shrines usually have guardian lion-dogs that serve as a protective charm, but since the Mitsumine Shrine is at the mountain summit, wolves are the ones protecting this shrine.

■ Hiking the ancient road
You can enjoy hiking the ancient road from the foot of the mountain to the Mitsumine Shrine.

For more hiking details, please refer to this page

■ Accommodation
The shrine has an accommodation facility called Kounkaku, where you can stay on the Shinto shrine precincts. In April and November, you can possibly see the sea of clouds in the early morning. The sea of clouds that can be seen from the shrine are deeply moving.

Admission Fee Free

Opening 7:00-17:00
*There is danger of the road freezing or being covered in snow during the winter, so please prepare winter tires and tire chains

Closed Open year round

Address 298-1 Mitsumine,Chichibu-shi


Public Transport
From Seibu Chichibu Station, use the Rapid Bus bound for “Mitsumine Jinja”
CarFrom Hanazono IC on the Kan-Etsu Expressway, drive 150 minutes on National Route 140, via the Minano Yorii Bypass

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