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Scenic spot of the sky and flowers! “Tenku-poppy”

Every summer, a 5Ha large plateau is dyed in red with 15 million poppies.
This plateau is located at an altitude of 500 meters, with a clear blue sky reaching to the back of the poppy filled horizon. Because of the high altitude, you can see mountains from other prefectures all around you.

This superb view is called “Tenku”.
As the pleasant wind blows, the feeling of nature will cleanse and refresh you.
Please come and see the best location with a superb scenic view of beautiful flowers!

There is also a ranch nearby, that serves soft ice cream with a rich and exquisite taste!


Admission Fee 300yen  ※Junior high school students and older people are adult fee.


From mid-May to early-June


Best time From mid May to early June

Address Takabuchiiri, Misawa, Minano-machi Chichibu-gun, Saitama, 369-1411, Japan


Public Transport

Chichibu Line, Chichibu Railway,St Minano

20min by bus / 20min by taxi / 60min on foot

Official site


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