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Stroll Around Kawagoe in Japanese Kimono

The City of Kawagoe once flourished as a fabric trading area.

Now we aim for “a city that matches well with Kimono” so on the 8th, 18th and 28th of every month, we call “Kawagoe Kimono Day”,
and various services will be provided at participating stores for tourists wearing kimono.

“Kawagoe = Kimono-city” began to gradually increase, and now we can see many tourists come to wear kimono and yukata in Kawagoe,
eventho its not on 8th, 18th or 28th. Especially for foreign tourists the kimono experience is very popular.
There are lots of kimono shops in the city, where you can get dressed up in kimono
and also get your hair done so you can come  empty-handed.

Koedo(litle Edo) Kawagoe, known for its amazing townscape, creates an atmospheric feeling producing nostalgia,
and all this while wearing kimono looks even better. It is about 30 minutes by train from the city center,
and it is a townscape where you can feel old good Japanese feeling.

Please try walking around in kimono by all means.


Official Website


JR Kawagoe Line,Tobu Tojo Line,Seibu Shinjuku Line


10 min by bus/10 min by taxi/30 min on foot


Shop List

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