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Gongendo Tsutsumi (Gongendo Prefectural Park)

The cherry blossom festival will be held from the end of March to the beginning of April at Gongendo Tsutsumi.
There are about one thousand Yoshino cherry blossoms blooming in the 1 kilometer long Tsutsumi and making a cherry tree tunnel.
And with the rape blossoms spreading all over the side alongs Tsutsumi, while contrasting colors is also superb.


In June,the hydrangea festival will be held.
About 100 different kinds of hydrangea bloom about 16,000 flowers.
The popular white hydrangea annabel spreads white color all over and the it is very popular as a spot for the photoshoot.


From the middle of September to the beginning of October, the lycoris festival will be held.
3.5 million of red lycoris dyed the slope of Gongendo Tsutsumi.


From early January to early February, the daffodil festival will be held.
We have been planting daffodils since 2005 and now it has increased to 500,000.
The white pretty daffodils blooming in a cold winter is a space of healing.

So, flowers can be enjoyed throughout a year at Gongendo Tsutsumi.
Please come and take a look!


Official site

Fee Free Admission ( opening date : 365 days )
* Please pay only for Sakura festival 500 yen.

Opening 365days

Address 887-3,Uchigoma,Satte-shi,Saitama,340-0103,Japan


Tobu Nikko Line Satte St

10 min by bus/10 min by taxi/30 min on foot

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