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Delicious Chichibu Strawberries

The Chichibu region not only has Rhine Kudari (river rafting), soba making, and thriving natural sightseeing spots, visitors can also enjoy strawberry picking. Chichibu’s strawberries make use of the temperature variants of day and night to become big and sweet.

Besides selling these strawberries in shops, visitors can eat and compare the many different types of strawberries such as Sachinoka, Benihoppe, and Akihime, while strawberry picking (all you can eat).

Each strawberry farm has its own special characteristics.

For example, the Nakamaita Tomita Farm is the first farm of its kind to open in the season, the Nagatoro Fukushima Farm in Nagatoro is near from the famous Rhine Kudari, the Wado Farm is close to the Hijiri Shrine where the god of economic fortune is worshiped, and lastly the Komatsuzawa Leisure Farm has many different activities for seasons such as grape and shiitake mushroom picking, and catching fish by hand.

Everyone can get a special taste of Saitama by enjoying strawberry picking.


Standard Admission Fee(From January to Mid June,2023)
January 1~ 1,800yen ・ April11~ 1,600yen ・ May11~ 1,300yen
※Prices may vary depending on the farm
※All-you-can-eat for 30 minutes from reception
Hours:depending on the farm
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