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Enjoy autumn leaves and cherry blossoms together! Jomine Park is known for Japan’s big three winter cherry blossoms.

Hello, I am Rachma from Saitama’s tourist division.

In order to enjoy winter cherry blossoms and autumn leaves,

I went to Jomine Park in Kamikawa-machi, Saitama.

Winter cherry blossoms usually start blooming in the middle of October, and as the name suggests,

you can enjoy these cherry blossoms in the winter time.

Jomine Park is known as “the village of three winter cherry blossoms in Japan”, and has 600 trees of a small cherry blossom called the “October cherry blossom”, which is a rare variety.

The autumn leaves start changing in the beginning of November, so the middle of November is when you can enjoy winter cherry blossoms and autumn leaves at the same time.


The scenery is beautiful with Mt. Jomine backing the winter cherry blossoms.

The middle of November is peak time for the cherry blossoms, when 70% of the trees are in bloom.

When the weather is nice, there is a beautiful contrast between the color of the sky and cherry blossoms.

The middle of November is also peak time for the autumn leaves,

where all the trees are dyed bright red.

Only during this period can visitors enjoy the contrast of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.

When it becomes evening, visitors can enjoy the light up trees.

The illuminations in 2017 where until December 3rd, and started around sunset and lasted until 8pm.

During the winter you can enjoy the contrast between rare cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, so please come and see them at Jomine Park.


Jomine Park

Address 1277, Yano, Kamikawa-machi Kodama-gun, Saitama, 367-0313, Japan

Official site

Near Jomine Park is “Yamaki Brewing”, that makes things like miso and soy sauce.

It is possible to make soy sauce and tofu yourself at this soy sauce warehouse.

Also, you can enjoy creative dishes made with miso, soy sauce, and tofu at a restaurant called Shisuian.



Address 955, Shimoaguhara, Kamikawa-machi Kodama-gun, Saitama, 367-0311

Official site


■Access by bus

Take the Takasaki Line to Honjo Station, where you can get to Jomine Park by bus.

Honjo Station is about 90 minutes from Ueno Station.

Get off the train and get on the Asahi Bus from the “Honjo Station South Exit” bus stop, and in about 45 minutes you will first arrive at the “Kamiizumi Sogo Shisho” (神泉総合支所) bus stop.

・Asahi Bus timetable:

<Honjo Station South Exit~Kamiizumi Sogo Shisho>

<Kamiizumi Sogo Shisho~Honjo Station South Exit>


After you arrive at the “Kamiizumi Sogo Shisho” bus stop, change to the Choei Bus (町営バス) heading towards “Fuyusakura no Yado” (冬桜の宿), and in about 20 minutes you should arrive at the “Jomine Park” bus stop.

・Kamikawa-machi Choei Bus timetable:
■Access by car

If you are driving to Jomine Park, get off at the Honjo Interchange on Kanegoshi Expressway towards Fujioka and Kodama and take Route 462 towards Shintoshu-cho.

You should arrive at the park in about 40 minutes.

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