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Kimono wearing experience in Kawagoe’s Little Edo

Hello, I am Chaso from the Saitama Prefecture Tourism Department.

Today I will introduce the kimono wearing experience in Kawagoe.


In Kawagoe’s Little Edo, there are several shops that rent kimonos to tourists because of the increasing number of customers from overseas and throughout Japan.


I went to the kimono shop, Sarah. You can choose your favorite from the 300 different kimonos to wear around Kawagoe.

■For reservations

You can make a reservation by filling out the form on the shop’s website.


Scroll down to the Kimono rental plan and select “Kawagoe walk”.


To get to the advance reservation form, click on “ご予約・お問い合わせ”.


Fill out all the necessary information and then proceed to the confirmation screen. Please write “Kawagoe walk” in the “Other inquiry” section.

When the application is completed, an email will be sent from the store within 24 hours.



The kimono prices vary from 2160 yen to 8640 yen depending on the pattern and color.

The staff were very kind and friendly, and picked an obi (kimono sash) that matched together with the kimono.


Once you decide on a kimono, they will put it on for you.

You will have to take off your clothes and only leave your undergarments on before the staff can put the kimono on you.

The transformation only took 15 minutes!


There is also a hair set option. The price is from 1080 yen to 2160 yen depending on the length of the hair.

Since my hair is longer than my shoulders, it was 2160 yen.


The store offers a large tote bag to put your change of clothes and other items into, and you can leave it at the store as you walk around. You can rent small handbags to put your valuable items in to take with you.

You can put things such as wallets, smartphones, handkerchiefs, and tissues into these handbags.


Here is a commemorative photo outside the shop.


Although I did not experience it this time, the you can also dress up as an oiran (courtesan).

This seems to be a good experience to have in Japan since you can wear such gorgeous kimonos.


They also rent out wedding kimonos at Sarah. You can take wedding photos in places that take advantage of Kawagoe’s Little Edo.


Address 8-4, Renjakucho, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama, 350-0066, Japan
Official Website

Let’s get to the streets of Edo.


■“Tsubaki no Kura” footbath and camellia tea cafe

This time I visited the footbath cafe while wearing a kimono.


There are beautiful miscellaneous Japanese goods in this shop, and if you head to the back you will find the footbath.

Order your drinks at the front counter first, then you will be guided to an open seat.


I ordered the match latte and anmitsu (syrup-covered anko and fruit).

You can get something delicious while soaking your feet and looking out into the garden…I had a luxurious time.


Address 3-2, Saiwaicho, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama, 350-0063, Japan
Official Website


Please come and wear kimonos while sightseeing in Kawagoe.

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