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Moominvalley park (Metsa)

December 3rd, 2019


Hello folks ! This will be my last visit for this year and since we are in the midst of winter, and you know that winter is the season of love! So, bearing that in mind, I bring to you this time an amusement park-cum nature sightseeing spot in Hanno city in Saitama. This spot is suitable for couples, for parents who want to have a day off with their kids, and would be great for the elderly as well. So basically, this park is suitable for any kind of age group!


This article will again, only be giving you a glimpse of how exactly to get there and a look at some of the scenes inside the park. The sole purpose of this article will only be to let you know what you will be expecting once you get inside, and will not be giving you details on each and every ride and attraction. So, expect some general information on how to get there, and a bunch of random photos of the scenery inside!


Having said that, let us first get ourselves to Hanno station. You may choose to go to Moominvalley park from either Hanno or Higashi Hanno station on the JR line, whichever is convenient for you. I chose to go via Hanno station.

As you can see, since this is a very famous place in Hanno, so the city has also taken cognizance of the same and has even mentioned it specifically on the signboards inside the station throughout. The signboard inside the station is mentioned clearly in English as well, so I bet you will have no trouble in finding your way till the bus stop and boarding the bus by yourself. I have encircled the bus stop for you, in red.


Just exit from the North exit and align yourself with the people standing at the very first bus stop, as shown in the above picture. I also have a closeup shot of the board, for you to check.


Once you board the bus, you are to get down at the stop called Metsa, or メッツァ in Japanese. The fare should be 200 yen, and the time taken should be approximately 12 minutes or so.

Once you get down at the said bus stop, you will immediately see a lot of people entering from the entrance of this place. Don’t get confused, Metsa and Moominvalley park are the same place. It’s just that Metsa village is a more broader name, and Moominvalley park is the name of the amusement park inside the Metsa village. This confused me as well, at first.


Then a steep slope downwards shall guide you to the entry of the Metsa village (which itself is free for sightseeing) and you will be greeted by the mesmerizing view of the river Miyazawa. Take a look at a few pictures.

There is even an adventure park inside, which you will spot on your way to Moominvalley park. It is shown in the picture right above this paragraph, and below this paragraph as well.


As you go on walking, you shall spot the entrance of the Moominvalley park. Here, you will have to pay the entrance fee which was 1500 yen only for sightseeing inside. If you want to enjoy all the rides without any ride limit your fare will be 2800 yen. Choose to your liking.


So basically, like Disneyland the atmosphere was very merry-like and joy was in the air. There was also some kind of performance or stage show going on which I didn’t watch till the end, but a large crowd had gathered to watch their favourite characters on stage.


Overall, I thought for those who aren’t into rides like me, should opt for the sightseeing alone. But for those who want to try out each and every attraction (about which I haven’t gone into much detail, but you may find about it in English on their website) may opt for the one-day pass.


So, how did you find this time’s post about Moon valley park? Do let me know.

Name of the place Moominvalley park (Metsa)
Address 431-3-58 Miyazawa, Hanno, Saitama 357-0001
“1 Day Pass”
Advance ticket : Adult 3400 Yen, Child 2000 Yen
Same-day ticket : Adults 3,600 Yen, Child 2,200 Yen

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