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Unotawa: One of Saitama’s Unexplored Gems

Located around one hour by train from Tokyo lies the city of Hannō, a place enveloped by rich, verdant greenery and brimming with forest culture. Hannō is also filled with a range of tourism hotspots that blend harmoniously with the natural environment, including the Moomin Valley Park and the Tove Jansson Akebono Children’s Forest Park.

The closest station to Seikouen is Omiya Koen Station on the Tobu Noda line. Toro Station on the JR Tohoku line is also within walking distance.

Omiya Koen Station:


Today we would like to introduce a place called Unotawa, situated an additional one-hour bus ride from Hannō City and boasting beautiful, mountain-top scenery.


Unotawa is an expansive, peaceful plain which spreads out before the eyes upon reaching the mountain’s peak. According to legend, long ago, the area was a marsh belonging to a type of bird called a cormorant, who was mistakenly shot by a hunter, causing the marsh to disappear, leaving behind a plain


Also, partway along the road to Unotawa, visitors can find an iconic spot with countless mossy stones. The spectacularly beautiful sight is definitely worth taking a look at!

At the entrance to the path up the mountain lies a temple called Shōgakuji Temple, where guests can enjoy the experience of staying overnight. An overnight stay at the temple when visiting Unotawa is sure to provide a particularly special and mystical experience!

(Official Website:


Although public transport to the area is not particularly convenient, Unotawa is definitely a tourist spot worth visiting!

※Currently: The bridge is still collapsed following the 2019 typhoon Hagabis.

Please refer to the following website for details. When actually visiting, please be

sure to thoroughly research the area and prepare suitable hiking equipment.




Ride the bus for approximately one hour from Hannō Station and get off at the Nagō bus stop. From the bus stop, head along the road towards Shōgakuji Temple, located at the entrance to the path up the mountain. Unotawa can be found approximately one and a half-hours’ hike along the mountain pass.

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