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Kawagoe Wholesale Market ~Visit the Market and Enjoy a BBQ with Farm-Fresh Ingredients~

We would like to introduce to you one of Kawagoe’s tourist facilities, Kawagoe Wholesale Market. Kawagoe is famous for its kurazukuri warehouse district and Edo period-style streetscape, but it also has markets. Agriculture flourishes in the areas surrounding Kawagoe, and this market was built to cater to the large consumer population. It is 198,000m2 in size, and features ingredients and produce from all over Saitama Prefecture and Japan, creating a lively market atmosphere.

Kawagoe Wholesale Market has a comprehensive inventory of ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, meat products, dried foods, etc. Unlike other markets, Kawagoe Wholesale Market is not only open to professional chefs and food industry businesses, but also to general consumers.


Kawagoe Wholesale Market is open to general consumers every Saturday and Sunday starting from 9 a.m., and is usually bustling with a large number of shoppers. If you would like to visit as a group, upon making a reservation in advance (details are at the bottom of this page), you can visit the market on days other than the weekend, too.


The market is divided into 3 areas, for aquatic produce, general foods, and fruits and vegetables, and each area has its own special features. First, is the aquatic produce area. You can find a great variety of products here, even for the same breed, including both cultivated and naturally harvested produce.

When visiting Kawagoe Wholesale Market, we recommend purchasing maguro (tuna). The tuna is stored at an extremely low temperature of -45℃, and a tuna auction is held every day (auctions cannot be viewed). You will be able to find tuna that is even fresher than that sold at supermarkets or in restaurants.

Next, is the general foods area. This area has dried foods such as meat products, wakame, and nori (types of seaweed).


Lastly, is the fruits and vegetables area. This area has vegetables that have been harvested in the Kawagoe locality, in addition to fresh vegetables from all over Japan.


Additionally, you can enjoy the market to its fullest extent by purchasing fresh ingredients from the fish dealer theme park Seisen Gyoukou Kawagoe, even without an advance reservation. Seisen Gyoukou has a variety of ingredients from Kawagoe Wholesale Market, and you can find seafood, meat, vegetables, and more at reasonable prices. The ingredients bought here can be taken to the adjoining barbeque area and charcoal-grilled, so you can buy your favorite ingredients and have a BBQ!


Kawagoe Wholesale Market not only has a BBQ area, but there is also a restaurant that serves dishes made using the ingredients found at the market, so we highly recommend stopping by!

【Advance Reservation・Inquiries】

Address 650, Obukuro, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama-ken
Tel 049-240-2246
Open Hours









Seisen Gyoukou Kawagoe

Mon – Fri: 9 a.m.~7 p.m.

Sat, Sun, National Holidays: 9 a.m.~7 p.m.

Barbeque Area

Mon – Fri: only available by advance reservation

Sat, Sun, National Holidays: 10 a.m.~4 p.m. (last order at 3 p.m.)

Official Website

Access Board the Seibu Shinjuku Line train at Hon-Kawagoe Station and get off at Minami-Otsuka Station. Board the Kawagoe Shuttle bus line 23 and get off at Oroshiurishijo (wholesale market) stop.

※Buses are limited, so please be careful. If there are no buses available, please take a taxi from either Hon-Kawagoe Station or Minami-Otsuka Station (20 mins and 10 mins respectively).

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