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Fukaya Cinema ~A Place to Get in Touch with Japan’s History~

There is a particularly unique cinema in Fukaya City. The cinema was built in what used to be a 300-year-old sake brewery, which has since been reformed internally leaving the external building intact. The facility has been used to show films since 2014.

The most special feature of the cinema is that patrons of the cinema choose the films that will be screened using a voting system. If there is a particular film you would like to watch, I hope you will visit Fukaya and cast your vote!


Since I had the pleasure of taking a look inside the cinema, I would like to introduce the facility to everyone. First, is the cinema seating area. As an infection-prevention measure against New Coronavirus, patrons are required to sit one empty seat apart, although the cinema previously accommodated up to 60 viewers at a time.


In addition, there is a special children’s room as part of the seating area, so that even patrons with small children can safely sit together and enjoy watching the films.


Next, is the projection room. The projection room is home to a projector capable of displaying films and a digital projector, both of which are surprisingly enormous in person!


Furthermore, Fukaya Cinema also has an interactive space that patrons can visit while waiting for their film to begin.

Also, the appeal of Fukaya Cinema lies not only in viewing films inside the facility, but also in the spectacular viewing experience outside. The exterior of the cinema still retains the same ancient atmosphere as hundreds of years ago, and is often used as a filming site for many movies and dramas.


Lastly, visitors to the former brewery can enjoy buying souvenirs and eating local foods at restaurants and stores in the nearby vicinity. We hope you will take the time to visit!



Address 9-12 Fukaya Town, Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture
Telephone 048-551-4592
General: 1,200 yen / Disabled Visitors: 900 yen /
Senior High School Students: 800 yen / Elementary School Students: 700 yen / Children (3 years and over): 500 yen
Scheduled Holidays Tuesdays
Access Get off the train at Fukaya Station on the JR Takasaki Line then walk 10 minutes.

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