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Nagatoro Cherry Blossom are the color of spring

The cherry blossom in Nagatoro have been chosen as one of Japan’s “Top 100 Famous cherry blossom Places”.
In Nagatoro you can enjoy various types of cherry blossom all over town from late March to late April.
During this period, the cherry blossom are light up from sunset until 9pm so you can enjoy the cherry blossom at night, which are a bit different from the cherry blossom in the daytime.
“Kita Sakuradori” is a naturally occuring cherry blossom tunnel that is about 2.5 kilometers long. The best time to see this tunnel is from the beginning to the middle of April.
The best time to see the “Torinuke no Sakura” is from the middle to the end of April, since it blooms later than the rest of the flowers.

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