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Local Spots to Enjoy Sakura! Avoid the Crowds and Enjoy Photographing the Blossoms!

When visiting Japan, many people have ‘sit underneath a sakura tree and take photos’ on their to-do list. But the sakura spots in Tokyo are always crowded and it’s difficult to take your time enjoying and taking photos.


If you feel the same way, we recommend making Saitama Prefecture an option! The sakura blossom viewing spots in Saitama have many surprises!

Gongendo Park


Gongendo park is one of the leading Sakurami spots in the Kanto Area. Cherry trees on both sides of the street, extend their branches out to the center of the street, appearing as a “tunnel of cherry blossoms”.


These cherry trees were planted by local volunteers some decades ago. And as the sakura trees have grown, the park also has grown to become the go-to sakurami or “cherry blossom viewing” spot for the local people.


Every year during the cherry blossom season, a festival is held at Gongendo park. There are 100+ food stalls and shops, so visitors can drink and eat, and enjoy the festivities. We recommend this festival to those who want a real Japanese style Sakurami experience.

Minoyama Park

Compared with the cherry trees of the city, the cherry trees on the mountain embody nature’s original fun. Minoyama Park is a good place to enjoy an atmosphere different from that of the cherry trees grown by the hand of man.

There are more than 8,000 cherry trees in Minoyama Park. There are various colors, and the mountain continues to grow cheerfully. From the mountain, the night view and the sea of clouds are spectacular. And when spring comes, the combination of those two with the cherry blossoms is stunningly beautiful. Professional photographers also come here, and search for that “one miracle shot.”

Iroha Water Park

Unlike usual Sakurami, how about enjoying the cherry blososms while riding a wasen, or traditional Japanese boat? Iroha Water Park provides an wasen riding experience during the cherry blossom season. When viewing rows of cherry blossom trees from the river, you might even see wild birds!


Of course, after alighting from the boat, you can walk along the river, walk around eating, and view the nearby cherry blossoms. Aside from cherry blossoms, this area’s cosmos flowers are famous as well!


Of course, after getting off the boat, you can walk along the river, walk around while eating, and enjoy the nearby cherry blososms. And not only cherry trees, but cosmos too are famous!

Kurome River Cherry Blossoms


The location of the sakura of Kurome River might be known only by the locals. Here, you can see yellow rape blossoms blooming with cherry blossoms. You can also see a rare type of sakura called “Myo-on Sawahata Sakura” that appears to be “double petaled”.

Kurome River is some distance from the station, but you can use one of the many bike sharing spots in Niiza City. In addition to Japanese version app, there are Chinese and English versions also available. Riding a bicycle to see the cherry blossoms is sure to be romantic as you pass through neighborhoods with an old-time feel – after all, this is Japan!

Each of the four spots we introduced this time have their own unique features. Which one is your favorite? Next spring, let’s avoid the crowds and enjoy Sakurami! And, of course, let’s share our most beautiful pictures!

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