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Capture the sophisticated romanticism of Japan in photos! Top recommended Hanami spots in Saitama

Japan is adept at expressing the beauty of seasons and nature with ingenious designs. flowers are often grown and arranged beautifully. Today, we will tell you about locations in Saitama having to do with flowers, each of them Instagram worthy, so we recommend taking many photos!

Town of traditional Japanese “Hana Chozu”

“Hana Chozu” is the bright and cute decorative display of flowers at a Japanese shrine.

People place various “Hana Chozu” in front of stores and homes at Gyoda Hachiman Shrine and the nearby towns. It’s worth going around and taking photos of the colorful, multiple designs which are all full of different features and ideas.


This kind of elaborate consideration is overflowing with Japanese taste. “Hana Chozu” lasts one to two weeks, so you may likely see differnet designs with each visit.

The theme may also change, depending on the season and time.

Kakyu no Sato Village

The Kakyu no Sato Village in Konosu has a theme of “roses, music and gastronomy”. Once a legislative house, it has been remodeled and opened to the public. Within the park, a wide variety of roses are cultivated, and due to the design of the park, there are many excellent photo shooting spots within the garden.


Every year, during the Hinamatsuri, or Doll Festival, Hinamatsuri dolls are on display. In addition to the great number and variety of dolls on exhibit, they are displayed with varying themes making it delightful.


Within Kakyu no Sato Village, you will find a noodle shop with locally made wheat. As these noodles are very popular locally as well, please try these chewy noodles.

Kinchakuda Field

Kinchakuda is famous in Japan as a place where amaryllis bloom. Amaryllis are also known as “cluster amaryllis.” Around September to October five million cluster amaryllis are in full bloom, shining a brilliant fire-like color. Even the royal family of Japan sometimes travels here.

Other than Autumn, you can enjoy a variety of scenery year round, whether it is cherry blossoms, rape blossoms or cosmos that bloom in other seasons. Additionally, Mt. Hiwadayama (Mt. Hiwada?) and Komago Old Traditional House are near Kinchakuda, both being very popular tourist destinations among Japanese people as a place where you can enjoy both nature and culture.

Ina Rose Garden

The largest rose garden in Saitama Prefecture is found in Ina Town. There are more than 400 kinds and over 5000 roses grown here! Rare varieties can be found here, so when you visit, you are sure to be amazed at how many colors and shapes roses can be! The garden is split into 3 areas, and there are many photo spots. If you love flowers, you’ll love it here!

So what do you think? After reading about these four spots, don’t you feel a longing to see them in person? In truth, seeing the flowers in person has so much more of an impact than in a photo. So get your camera and let’s go see the flowers!

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