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Recommended Day Trip from Tokyo: Saitama Prefecture’s Top 4 Unexplored and Scenic Spots!

Tired of playing in Tokyo and want to discover more interesting places in the suburbs? In this article, we will introduce four “secret” attractions in Saitama Prefecture. In just one day, starting from Tokyo, we will help you find the yet undiscovered charm of Saitama Prefecture.

Kazo: Watarase Retarding Basin (Watara-yusuichi) 

The role of Watarase Retarding Ground is not limited onlyto the practical role of flood control. Except for the rainy season, it offers everyone a variety of scenery! The heart-shaped lake near the center of the retarding basin is “Lake Tananaka”. On a clear day, the calm lake reflects the blue sky and white clouds, creating a spectacular mirrored view, like a “mirror of the sky” that you shouldn’t miss! If you visit early in the morning, you can even take pictures of dreamy foggy landscapes, which is very attractive to photo enthusiasts. Plus, this area is also home to a variety of plants, animals and birds, going for a walk and experiencing the beauty of nature is a good idea!

Kasukabe: Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel

If you take the stairs 100 steps underground in the Metropolitan Area Outer Floodway (Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge??), you will be surprised to find a mysterious sight that is hidden from the ground! It is also used as a shooting location for many TV programs, movies, and music videos. This space, named “Disaster Prevention Underground Temple,” is actually a “pressure-regulating water tank.” If water from five rivers flows into the area during heavy rains, the pressure-regulating water tank will weaken the momentum of the water and help the Edo River flow smoothly. The pillars you can see in the photo help prevent the pressure-regulating water tank from floating due to groundwater. On a tour, you can enjoy a magnificent and mysterious view of these 59 huge pillars!

The Hundred Caves of Yoshimi

Seen from a distance, the Hundred Caves of Yoshimi is like a huge honeycomb, with many strange horizontal holes in the hills. It is a quiet, historic site, but there is a kind of mysterious charm holds onto you and you cannot look away. Climbing the stairs and peeking through the hole, you can see that these “caves” are a grave where bodies are kept. The Hundred Caves of Yoshimi was built about 1400 years ago, in the late Kofun period. The scale is enourmous and currently 219 holes have been discovered. If you have an interest in the history of Japan, it might be a good place to visit!

Ogano: Setsubun Grass Garden

“Setsubun grass” is called “Japan Usagiaoi”, and is an endemic Japanese species. Not only can it not be seen in other Asian countries, because its rarity in Japan, it is also difficult to find in Japan! The Setsubun Grass Garden in Ogano is one of the few natural habitats for Setsubun grass. It is said that Setsubun Grass blossoms during an extremely short period, typically only about one week. From around the beginning of February to early February, when the snow begins to melt, Setsubun grass shows us its lovely face. When in full bloom, it is like a white carpet of small flowers spread out on the ground, creating a wonderful scene!

When going to the four spectacular and scenic spots above, going by rental car is most convenient. By all means, experience the charm of each of these spots yourself for an unforgettable journey!

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