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Saitama is so much fun! Let’s play all day at a large theme park and new complex!

Actually, you’ll find a extensive theme park with a wide variety of content, as well as a new building complex in Saitama Prefecture! You’ll find you don’t have enough time to enjoy it all even if you spend morning till night there! Today, we’ll showcase it all for you!



This theme park is divided into four areas. After entering the park through the picture book-shaped gate at “POUKAMA”, you will arrive at “MUUMILAAKSO” (Mooming Valley).


Here you will find reproductions of a bathing hut, Moominhouse, a small bridge and a mountain stream. Fans are sure to get excited when seeing them! And photophiles are sure to get plenty of great shots!

In Emma’s theater, be sure to catch the great performances by the characters as they sing and dance!

When you come to “KOKEMUS”, we recommend that you start at the third floor and jump into a vivid, three-dimensional picture book world and admire the large Moominvalley diorama set in the center!

On the first floor you will also find a restaurant and souvenir shop. Be sure to stop by if you want to buy limited edition Moomin souvenirs!


After visiting each exhibition, and riding an exciting zip line in the “YKSINÄISET VUORET” area, you can bring your children to the tree house area, where they can move their bodies and work up a sweat.

The park faithfully recreates the atmosphere of the world of Moomin and Northern Europe. Even non-fans will feel warmth and joy as they walk around, and will definitely fall in love with this place!

Tokorozawa Sakura Town


The most remarkable thing about the large-scale complex “Tokorozawa Sakura Town” is the perfect combination of nature and art in the “Kadokawa Musahino Museum” that was designed by the famous architect Kengo Kuma.

Fans of art and culture mustn’t miss the various exhibitions, as well as the bookshelf theater comprised of 30,000 books in this space where an art museum, a natural history museum and library are merged into one.

The neighboring “Musashino Suwarei sum shrine” has a stylish exterior, but is a real shrine. This shrine enshrines the spirit of Amaterasu from Tokyo Daijingu. It is recommended especially for those who work in the art and culture fields, and those who seek new encounters.

When you tire of walking, please enjoy a meal at the Kadogawa Publisher cafeteria “Kadogawa Cafeteria”! There are three flavors produced every day for the number one “Kadokawa Cafeteria Curry” and not only does it look beautiful, but tastes excellent!!

We absolutely recommend anime fans stay at “EJ Anime Hotel”!! Anime fans are sure to be satisfied with everything from the character panel in the lobby, to the room decorations and limited goods, to the specially reproduced cuisine at the restaurant!

All areas in the above theme park and complex have a wealth of contents. There are many ways to have a good time whether it’s by walking around by yourself, going on a date for two, or spending time with your friends and family. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time when you visit!

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