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Relaxing mind and body amid Chichibu’s unique culture – Stay in Chichibu and savor gourmet food and drinks! –

The Chichibu area, just about an 80-minute ride on the express train from the heart of the city, is situated in the western part of Saitama Prefecture.
The surroundings of Chichibu Station boast traditional shopping streets and shrines, where the time-honored culture still thrives.

Some of you may have visited Chichibu for its Japanese culture and breathtaking sights, such as the Chichibu Night Festival in winter or the pink-flowered Shibazakura (moss phlox) fields at Hitsujiyama Park in spring.

Chichibu’s distinctive terrain, featuring mountains like Mt. Buko and Mt. Ryokami, the Chichibu Basin, and the Arakawa River, has nurtured a diverse culinary culture.

Restaurants that use locally sourced, nature-rich ingredients are situated along Bamba Street, which exudes a retro ambiance and is conveniently located near the station.

For access to Chichibu, it’s convenient to take the Seibu Chichibu Line from Ikebukuro Station, reaching the final stop at Seibu Chichibu Station. From Seibu Chichibu Station, it’s about a 10-minute walk to Bamba Street.

The culinary culture nurtured by Chichibu’s nature

Let’s start with the Italian restaurant “cucina salve” located on Bamba Street. It’s situated on the 1st floor of Chichibu Omotesando Lab., the renovated old Japanese house.

Here, the chef is very particular about using additive-free ingredients. The chef personally sows seeds in the garden to cultivate organic vegetables, harvests wheat to make flour, and takes care of chickens to raise eggs. The restaurant exclusively serves dishes made from these organic ingredients.

The chef, who has studied gourmet cuisine from around the world, offers dishes using Chichibu ingredients with confidence that they are second to none.
This confidence in the ingredients seems to be attributed to the unique climate of the Chichibu Basin.

Chichibu and its surroundings experience a significant temperature difference throughout the year due to the climate. While summers can get scorching, with temperatures almost reaching 40 degrees, winters often bring temperatures below minus 10 degrees. This wide temperature range, along with the amount of sunlight, allows various crops like oranges and apples to thrive.

The chef has studied ingredients suitable for this climate for years and now cultivates an astonishing 150 varieties of vegetables. These carefully selected ingredients are featured on the restaurant’s menu.

Beyond organic ingredients, the restaurant’s interior design also reflects the essence of Chichibu, with wall designs inspired by the region, handcrafted tables, and art pieces crafted from reclaimed driftwood, all of which are displayed like artworks.
The chef’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the restaurant, making it an ideal place to savor Chichibu’s gourmet offerings. Why not pay a visit and enjoy the Chichibu cuisine?


<cucina salve>

Next, we would like to introduce “HIMIDORI,” a live kitchen & cafe.
During the day, it serves as a relaxed cafe space, but at night, it transforms into a chef’s table where you can enjoy course meals in a limited setting of only 10 seats available per day.
You can witness the chef’s skills up close from the counter seats, indulging not only your taste but also your visual and olfactory senses.

The menu, based on Italian cuisine, breaks free from conventional culinary genres and cooking methods, presenting the chef’s original and innovative dishes. The attraction also lies in the extensive selection of natural wines, numbering in the tens. Given its proximity to Chichibu Shrine and Chichibu Festival Hall, it’s a suitable place to drop by during your sightseeing.

Why not savor a dinner while enjoying the rich variety of wines alongside the cuisine?

<Chef’s Table & Café HIMIDORI>

Enjoying “Bar Hopping” in Chichibu!

Chichibu area is known as a sake paradise where 8 different types of alcoholic beverages, including sake, beer, wine, and whiskey, are produced. Chichibu is also famous for its fermented foods such as outstanding miso, soy sauce, and cheese, which make excellent snacks to accompany your drinks.
If you’re looking to enjoy alcoholic beverages, Chichibu is the perfect place.

There are many spots around Bamba Street where you can enjoy bar hopping. Why not enjoy some drinks while experiencing Chichibu’s culture?

“MAHOLLO BAR” is the first specialized craft beer bar in Chichibu where you can enjoy freshly brewed craft beer from Chichibu Beer Brewing Company.
They offer a selection of 10 types of draft beers, including their regular lineup and new releases. Their menu is diverse, featuring Guinness beer, apple cider, and more.

They take great care to serve each beer in the best possible condition, making it a place for people to connect over craft beer.
Be sure to try their local specialty, miso potatoes, and other appetizers.


Next stop is “WINEBAR Shouraku.” This is a long-established soba (buckwheat noodles) restaurant in Chichibu.
During the day, it operates as a soba restaurant, and in the evening, it becomes a wine bar. The owner of the establishment holds a sommelier qualification, and you can enjoy authentic dishes with a focus on flavor, as well as carefully selected wines.

The food menu is extensive, and during bar hours, you can indulge in Chichibu’s specialty, “buta-miso” (Grilled pork marinated in miso) and tempura, in addition to soba and udon noodles.
In the tranquil, modern Japanese-style interior, you can savor Chichibu’s sake and gourmet cuisine.

<WINEBAR Shoraku>

There are many other places in the area where you can enjoy sake and whiskey, so please visit according to your preferences.

Enjoy Japanese culture to the fullest while staying in Chichibu!

When you come to Chichibu, how about immersing yourself in the local culture of the temple town, which flourished as a center of silk production area?
“NIPPONIA Chichibu Shrine Town” is an accommodation facility renovated from a 100-year-old traditional Japanese house.

The interior of the facility strikes a balance between Japan’s past and present, with classical walls and ceilings retaining their original appearance while hallways and cypress baths have been modernized for comfort.
The interior design seamlessly blends contemporary and traditional furniture, offering guests a unique experience that feels like stepping back in time. Let’s experience retro Japanese culture!

<NIPPONIA Chichibu Shrine Town>

Special event will be held where you can easily enjoy Chichibu’s gourmet food, such as dinner at the restaurantsand bar hopping introduced this time. Please join us.

“CHICHIBU Premium Dining'”
Date and Time: October 27th (Friday), 28th (Saturday), and 29th (Sunday), 2023, from 12:00 to 19:00
Main Venue: Chichibu City, Bamba Street
For more details, please click here:

How about a Chichibu getaway?
Just a short trip from Tokyo, you’ll discover a place where you can immerse yourself in Japanese culture, enjoy local and unique gourmet food, and savor sake.

The Bamba Street in Chichibu that we introduced this time serves as the path to Chichibu Shrine.
Chichibu Shrine is said to grant blessings for academic success, passing exams, and the prosperity of one’s descendants. Don’t forget to pray a visit!

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