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Fujisaki Soubei-Shoten Nagatoro-Gura|CHOCOTABI SAITAMA


Sightseeing spot

Chichibu AreaNagatoro Town

Fujisaki Soubei-Shoten Nagatoro-Gura

Established 290 years ago, Nagatorogura Sake Brewery and Boutique Store is a sake brewery that inherits the ambitions of a Hino merchant Jūichiya Sōbē Hyōe who did his best to spread Saitama’s Japanese sake to the world. September 2018, to deepen the sake brewing traditions of Jūichiya Sōbe “Polish with skill and brew with your heart”, the sake brewery moved to Nagatoro, a place of beautiful nature. We are creating a Japanese sake, “THE SAITAMA ORIGINAL” through the use of Saitama’s natural water that flows from the Fuppu area and rice grown on Saitama’s soil.

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Tourist spot name
Fujisaki Soubei-Shoten Nagatoro-Gura
1158, Nagatoro, Nagataro Town, Chichibu Gun
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