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Eastern AreaKoshigaya City

Osawa Katori Shrine

This is the village shrine of Ōsawa. It is said to be the Katori Shrine from Saishiro which was transferred here.

The establishment is mentioned as Ōei era (1394 to 1428) in the “Meisaichō”. Given that the vicinity belonged to Shimo-usa-no-kuni in medieval times, the Shimo-usa-no-kuni Ichi-no-miya Katori Jingū was made into the village’s shrine in hopes of the Buddha honoring his presence in the village. Despite the shrine being built in Sagishiro, with the maintenance of the Ōushū Kaidō, it was built on the current ground around the Kan’ei era (1624 to 1644).

According to the date of construction, the current main shrine was rebuilt in 1866. Around one side of the main shrine, a sign of the dyer’s operation is engraved. It is the work of Takejiro Hasegawa who resides in Mount Asama San’ya-machi and is the city’s designated cultural property.

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Osawa Katori Shrine
Koshigaya Osawa 3-13-38
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At our shrine, there is a flea market that takes place on the second Saturday of every month (from 8 am to 4 pm) (the fleak market will be carried out in case of light rain). In addition, every year on December 2nd, there is a Kumadeichi Festival along with an open air Okameichi Festival, making the festival lively.


Public transport
5 minutes from the Kita-Koshigaya Station of Tobu-Isesaki Line

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