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Sightseeing spot

Eastern AreaKazo City

Kazo Miraikan

Starting with the planetarium and the astronomical observation room, there are apparatuses for large images and trial study rooms along with a workshop making it a comprehensive learning facility marked with a unique appearance.
It is established next to the restaurant, farmers' market, and the facility for processing Ukino Miso. In addition, the planetarium reopened on March 22nd of 2015 after renovating. With the latest monocular ultra-high resolution 8K compatible digital projector, starry skies and images of space are projected with reality and power that can evoke dreams and emotions in young and old alike.

Tour / Experience facilities

Basic Information

Tourist spot name
Kazo Miraikan
Kazo Gaiya 350-1
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Business hours / Fee

Business hours
[Kazo Miraikan] 9: 00 ~ 17: 00

[Planetarium] Saturday / Sunday / Holiday
11: 00/13: 30/15: 00

Weekdays 14:00 (excluding Tuesdays)
Projection programs and times are subject to change during events and congestion!
Regular holiday
Every Tuesday (If Tuesdays are a holiday, then the following day)/December 29th to January 3rd of the following year/On days of maintenance inspection
【Kazo Future Museum】Free (There are some facilities that may require an additional fee.)

【Planetarium】100 yen (80 yen for a group of more than 20 people )
         The numbered ticket for vewing is sold 30 minutes prior to each projection (There are no tickets sold beforehand・reservations for tickets.
For those living in the city younger than elementary, older than 65, or with a disability, it will be free of charge.
For those viewing for school purposes, there will be a reduction in charge (including those not from the city).

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