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Seishin-in Hyakutai Kannon-do|CHOCOTABI SAITAMA


Sightseeing spot

Northern AreaHonjo City

Seishin-in Hyakutai Kannon-do

Jyōshinin Hyakutai Kannon-dō, commonly called, “Sazaedō”, was built to pray for the victims of the great eruption of Mt. Asama in Shinshu that took place in 1783.

The corridor has a helical structure, that makes it look as if there are two external layers, however, there are 3 layers internally, making it a unique architectural style. Further, it conforms to Buddhism’s rules of etiquette in which one walks in the right direction thrice to worship.

The first layer symbolizes Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) of Chichibu’s 34th holy precincts in the center of the Sei-Kannondō, the second layer symbolizes the Kannon of Bandō’s 33rd holy precincts, and lastly, the third layer symbolizes Kannon of Saikoku’s 33rd holy precincts.

The reception for admission is taking place at Honjō City’s Tourism and Agriculture Center.

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Basic Information

Tourist spot name
Seishin-in Hyakutai Kannon-do
Honjō Kodamachō Kodaira 661-2

Business hours / Fee

Business hours
10:00 ~ 17:00
Regular holiday
Visiting Fee 300 yen (Including Tax)


Public transport
4 km from JR Hachikō Line Kodama Station (taxi 10 minutes)
About 10 km from Honjo-Kodama Interchange of the Kan-Etsu Expressway (20 minutes via car)
50 spaces (free)

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