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Chichibu Ashigakubo CS|CHOCOTABI SAITAMA


Sightseeing spot

Chichibu AreaYokoze Town

Chichibu Ashigakubo CS

For more information, please check the website. Chichibu wide-area tourism’s “Ashigakubo Rental Cycle Station” accepts reservations on the day as well as prior to the visit. Reservations/inquiries
Telephone: 0494-25-0450
Phone Reception: 8:30 to 17:15

Rentals can only be made for those who are 13 years and older.
Rentals and/or returning of bikes may be declined due to festivals taking place.
In the case of renting a bike, please bring a photo ID (e.g. driver’s license).
We will ask you to fill out your phone number when renting a bike.


Basic Information

Tourist spot name
Chichibu Ashigakubo CS
159 Ashigakubo, Yokozemachi
0494-25-0450 Ashigakubo Rental Cycle Station (Yokoze Town Bukōsan Tourist Information Office)0494-25-0450 Ashigakubo Rental Cycle Station (Yokoze Town Bukōsan Tourist Information Office)
Home page
Regular Bicycles 18 spaces ・Electrical bikes 5 spaces

Business hours / Fee

Business hours
9:00 ~ 17:00 (Final reception of rental cycle on the day is at 15:00)
Regular holiday
Irregular holidays
Short Rental (Within 2 hours)…300 yen(Electrical 600 yen)
Half Day Rental(Within 4 hours)…500 yen(Electrical 1,000 yen)
One Day Rental(Within 8 hours)…1,000 yen(Electrical 2,000 yen)
Abandonment Fee …500 yen(Electrical 1,000 yen) Excess Rate(1 hour)※…500 yen(Electrical 1,000 yen)

At the cycle station of "Cycletto Chichibu" the borrowed bike can be dropped off at any station. "Abandonment" of the bike is OK so please feel free and enjoy cycling!
●Rental Cycling Station・Ashigakubo Cycling Station (Located in front of Roadside station Kajyu-en Park Ashigakubo Yokozemachi Bukō-san Tourist Information Center)
Chichibu Yokozemachi Ashigakubo 159 0494-25-0450

●Cycle Station to Return Abandoned Bikes ※ You will be charged if you abandon the bikes
・Chichibu Cycle Station(Seibu Chichibu Station Chichibu Tourist Information Center) Chichibu Nosakamachi 1-16-15 0494-21-2277
・Minano Cycle Station (Minanomachi Town Hall) Chichibu Minanomachi Minano1420-1 0494-62-1462
・Nagatoro Cycle Station (In front of Nagatoro Station Nagatoromachi Tourist Information Center) Chichibu Nagatoromachi Nagatoro 529-1 0494-66-3311
・Ogano Cycle Station (Oganomachi Town Hall・Ogano Government Office Building) Chichibu Oganomachi Ogano 89 0494-75-1221
・Ryōkami Cycle Station(Kokuminshukusha Ryōkamishō) Chichibu Oganomachi Ryōkamikomori 707 0494-79-1221


Public transport
Ashigakubo Station of Seibu Chichibu Line and walk for about 5 minutes
Roadside station Kajyu Kōen Ashigakubo Second Parking

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