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Ashigakubo Orchard Park Village|CHOCOTABI SAITAMA


Sightseeing spot

Chichibu AreaYokoze Town

Ashigakubo Orchard Park Village

This facility consists of 12 families of fruit farmers, and the closest station is Ashigakubo Station of Seibu Chichibu Line. You can find the collection of fruit farms, aka Orchard Park Village, by the southern slope of Hinatayama in the Ashigakubo district. Fruits are harvested all year with strawberries from early January to mid-May, plums from early July to mid-August, and grapes from mid-August to mid-October. The taste of fully-ripened fruits in the great wilderness and clean air is remarkable. Please come and stop by at least once.

There is a restaurant, “Ashigakubo Fruit Garden,” as well as a “farming village park” with a 100-meter roller slide around the vicinity. Furthermore, there are also many great courses to go hiking.

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Basic Information

Tourist spot name
Ashigakubo Orchard Park Village
Ashigakubo, Yokoze-machi, Chichibu-gun
0494-25-0450 Ashigakubo Rental Cycle Station (Information Office: Yokoze Town Bukōsan Tourist Information Office)0494-25-0450 Ashigakubo Rental Cycle Station (Information Office: Yokoze Town Bukōsan Tourist Information Office)
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Business hours / Fee

Business hours
9:30 to 15:00 (depending on the time of year)
Regular holiday
Irregular Holidays (Inquiry Required)
Plum Picking (all you can eat for 30 minutes): 600 yen to 1,200 yen for those who are 4 years and older ※May change based on the breed. Strawberry Picking (all you can eat for 30 minutes): 1,300 to 1,800 yen for those older than eleementary school, 700 to 1,000 yen for those younger than elementary※Depending on the season, there may be some changes. Grape Picking (all you can eat for 30 minutes): starting from 1,200 yen for those older than elementary school, starting from 800 yen for those younger than elementary school ※May change depending on the breed


Public transport
Get off at “Ashigakubo Station” Seibu Chichibu Line
And walk for about 15 to 50 minutes (depends on the farm)
A car ride of about 10 minutes
About 60 minutes from "Hanazono" Interchange of Kan-Etsu Expressway (Using a toll road)
Free: Yes (5 to 10 spaces) ※ Depends on the farm
Medium-sized Buses Available
Fee: None


Internet Wi-Fi
credit card

Universal design

  • AED installation
  • General / Wheelchair Shared Elevator
  • Toilet with handrail
  • Multipurpose toilet
  • Wheelchair rental
  • Floor with handrail
  • Stairs with handrail
  • Wheelchair-accessible slope
  • Stroller rental (There may be a charge.)
  • Sign language support
  • Braille explanation
  • Voice guidance
  • Wheelchair parking
  • Breastfeeding room
  • Compatible with diaper changing tables
  • Wheelchair lift
  • Baby keep or baby chair

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