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Seibu Chichibu Station Front Hot Spring Matsuri-no-yu|CHOCOTABI SAITAMA


Sightseeing spot

Chichibu AreaChichibu City

Seibu Chichibu Station Front Hot Spring Matsuri-no-yu

The large hot spring facility, “Seibuchichibu Ekimae Onsen Matsurinoyu”, makes Chichibu’s specialty, “festival”, its concept. Matsurinoyu has four types of open-air baths and a highly concentrated artificial carbonated hot spring, with six bathhouses in the inn (five bathhouses for men) to be enjoyed. In this area, which takes pride in its rich variety of hot springs, there is also a Japanese style food court and an area selling local products perfect as souvenirs, making this facility packed full of Chichibu areas charm.

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Basic Information

Tourist spot name
Seibu Chichibu Station Front Hot Spring Matsuri-no-yu
Chichibu Nosakamachi 1-16-5
Home page
Hot spring, product sales, food court's compound hot spring facility【hot spring area】open-air bath: a rock-bound bath (hot spring), hot water (bath) for hanami, a small hot spring for one person (tsuboyu), lie-down bath Indoor bath: high-concentration artificial carbonated hot spring, silk hot spring, jet bath, cold bath Indoor bath: high-concentration artificial carbonated hot spring, silk bath, jet bath, cold bath, sauna, salt sauna (only in womens' hot springs), sauna, salt sauna (only in womens' hot springs) Restaurant: Chichibu-yu Daidokoro Resting Space: resting space (relaxing chairs 38), spaces for lying down (tatami rooms) Others: places to get a massage (relaxation) premium lounge (shared: 13 booths, for women: 8 booths)

Business hours / Fee

Business hours
Entry ・To Bathe Monday-Thursday・Sunday・Holidays・10:00 ~ 23:00 (final reception is at 22:30) Friday・Saturday・Day before a holiday・Specific Day ・・20:00 to 9:00 the following day (final reception is at 23:30) Morning Baths Saturday・Sunday・Holidays・The day after one's stay・・6:00 ~ 9:00 (final reception 8:30)
Regular holiday
There are days closed due to maintenance.
Adults (Weekdays) 980 yen (Saturday, Holidays, Regular Holidays) 1,080 yen Children (Weekdays) 600 yen (Saturday, Holidays, Regular Holidays) 710 yen Stay Premium Lounge (Reservation Based) 18 years and older (Not high school students) 3,460 yen Morning Baths Adults 760 yen Children 500 yen


Private Parking・”Seibu Chichibu Eki-mae Onsen Matsuri-no-yu” Parking Lot (Regular Cars 39 spaces)

Universal design

  • AED installation
  • General / Wheelchair Shared Elevator
  • Toilet with handrail
  • Multipurpose toilet
  • Wheelchair rental
  • Guide dog / service dog
  • Stairs with handrail
  • Wheelchair-accessible slope
  • Wheelchair entry
  • Sign language support
  • Braille explanation
  • Voice guidance
  • Wheelchair parking
  • Breastfeeding room
  • Compatible with diaper changing tables
  • Wheelchair lift

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