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Eastern AreaGyoda City

Sakitama Kofun Park

Sakitama Kofun Park is home to 9 large "kofuns", megalithic tombs where, among other things, the national treasure "Inariyama burial-mound sword" was excavated. You can also see the largest kofun in Japan, "Maruhaka yama kofun" here, which also serves as a great cherry blossom spot. Gyoda City, where the park is located, is also known as the origin of Saitama prefecture's name, and you can see the stone monument celebrating this in the park.

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Basic Information

Tourist spot name
Sakitama Kofun Park
4834 Sakitama, Gyoda City, Saitama Prefecture
048-559-1111(Museum of Sakitama Historical Site)048-559-1111(Museum of Sakitama Historical Site)
048-559-1112(Museum of Sakitama Historical Site)
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Event information
Sakura from late March to early April


Public transport
・Transfer to the City Loop Bus from JR Takasaki Line, Gyoda station (east exit). Get off after 15 min at the bus stop Saitama Kofun Koen-mae. 2 min walk from the bus stop.
・Get off at JR Takasaki Fukiage stn and transfer to the Asahi Bus. Go via Sama bound for Gyoda Orikaeshi-ba/Sougo Kyoiku Center Kogyo Danchi. Get off the bus at "Sangyo Doro" and walk for 15 minutes.
Tohoku Expressway Hanyu IC about 15km, Tohoku Expressway Kazo IC about 17km, Kanetsu Expressway Higashimatsuyama IC about 18km
33 large cars, 295 ordinary cars, free of charge

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