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9th Sacred Place, Akechi-ji of Mt. Myōjō|CHOCOTABI SAITAMA


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Chichibu AreaYokoze Town

9th Sacred Place, Akechi-ji of Mt. Myōjō

A temple for safe childbirth, safe growth of children, and protection from evil.

The main deity of the temple, Nyoirin Kannon, or Cintamani-cakra, is said to be the Goddess of Mercy and Wisdom, who has a wish-fulfilling jewel that removes evil and purifies the clouded mind, relieves suffering, and bestows prosperity by giving gold, silver, and treasure.

In the precincts of the temple, there are three-story bluestone pagoda of the three Amida deities from the Muromachi period (1336-1573) and a mound of writings from the first year of the Hōei era, where women wrote their wishes and stored them.

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9th Sacred Place, Akechi-ji of Mt. Myōjō
2160 Yokoze, Yokoze-machi, Chichibu-gun
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