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Yorii Tamayodosuiten-gu Shrine Festival|CHOCOTABI SAITAMA


Sightseeing spot

Northern AreaYorii Town

Yorii Tamayodosuiten-gu Shrine Festival

This festival is held at "Tamayodo," one of the most scenic spots of the prefecture. The festival is dedicated to the water god and held to pray for protection from water-related disasters, safe childbirth, and successful parenting. Thanks to the flashy fireworks and lavish parade floats displayed during the festival, it has become known as "the best water festival in the Kanto region!"

Festivals and Traditional performing arts

Basic Information

Tourist spot name
Yorii Tamayodosuiten-gu Shrine Festival
Yorii, Yorii Town (Tamayodogawara)
048-581-2121 (Yorii Town Lifelong Learning Division)048-581-2121 (Yorii Town Lifelong Learning Division)
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Event information
First Saturday of August


Public transport
About 15-minute walk from "Yorii Station" on the Tobu-Tojo Line, Chichibu Railway Line, and JR Hachiko Line (to Tamayodogawara)

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