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  • Western AreaHanno City

    Miyazawako Hot Spring Kirari Villa

    Other than natural hot springs, low in alkalinity, said to have effects similar to the so-called "beauty baths",…

    One-day bathing and leisure facilities

  • Western AreaHanno City

    Hanno Riverbank

    With only 15 minutes on foot from the station, this is a tourism destination of Hannō city that is crowded by m…

    Parks / Gardens Scenery / Landscape

  • Western AreaHanno City

    Mt. Tenranzan

    It has been called this name ever since the Meiji Emperor reached the summit, making it the first scenic spot de…

    Scenery / Landscape

  • Western AreaHigashimatsuyama City

    Kurakake Clear Stream Village BBQ Area

    We can provide you with a barbecue equipment set and/or a set of ingredients if you make a reservation four days…

    Scenery / Landscape Restaurants

  • Western AreaMiyoshi Town

    Imo Highway

    Houses of farmers who are responsible for the production of Miyoshi-machi’s specialty product “Fuji-no-kawagoe-I…

    Scenery / Landscape

  • Western AreaRanzan Town

    Ranzan Valley BBQ Area

    A vendor is available and reservation for food is possible (until noon four days prior). Given that the furnace…

    Scenery / Landscape

  • Western AreaKawagoe City

    Kawagoe City Industrial Tourist Center (Koedo Kurari)

    Koedo Kurari is an improved facility of what used to be the building Kyūkagamiyama brewery established in 1875, …

    Restaurants Sweets Sake Products / Direct sales shops

  • Western AreaSakado City

    Seitenkyu Temple

    The largest Taiwanese Shinto shrine in Japan. The gorgeous structure is worth seeing. The spiral ceiling assembl…

    Historical and Cultural facilities Temples and Shrines

  • Western AreaOgose Town

    Kamiyatsu no Okusu

    In the national survey taken in 1988 regarding greenery, it was ranked 16th regarding size in the ranking of the…

    Scenery / Landscape

  • Western AreaOgose Town

    Three Waterfalls of Kuroyama

    Kuroyamataki is a general term for the three waterfalls: greater waterfall, smaller waterfall, and tengu (an ima…

    Scenery / Landscape

  • Western AreaNiiza City

    Nobi dome Yousui Waterway

    The water used for stopping wildfire was diverted from the Tamagawa Aqueduct (Tokyo, Kodaira City) in 1655 as dr…

    Historical and Cultural facilities

  • Western AreaHidaka City

    Saiboku Natural Hot Spring Kacho Fugetsu

    With the bath being close to the source, the water gushing out from the source 2,000 meters below is used. The h…

    One-day bathing and leisure facilities

  • Western AreaAsaka City

    Asaka City Museum

    Centering around a permanent exhibit regarding local Asaka introduced under the 4 categories: archaeology, histo…


  • Western AreaFujimi City

    Mizukokaizuka Museum・Park

    Mizukokaizuka Park is a park with a site area of roughly 40,000 square meters. It is maintained to preserve a mi…

    Historical and Cultural facilities Parks / Gardens

  • Western AreaHidaka City

    Saitama Breeding Farm Coporation SAIBOKU

    Established in 1946, with our slogan being “from the farm to the dining table”, we utilize pigs that have been r…

    Tour / Experience facilities One-day bathing and leisure facilities Restaurants Products / Direct sales shops

  • Western AreaFujimi City

    Nanbata Castle Archive Museum・ Park

    The inside of the park adjoins the Nanbata Castle Park Museum, located in the center of the premise, and is divi…

    Museums Historical and Cultural facilities Parks / Gardens

  • Western AreaHigashichichibu Village

    Roadside station Washi no Sato Higashi Chichibu

    From handcrafting Japanese paper to seasonal experiences and workshops related to the Japanese paper, hand-makin…

    Tour / Experience facilities Products / Direct sales shops

  • Western AreaIruma City

    Iruma City Museum ALIT

    This is a museum with the main theme being tea. Ample resources for learning are available on a range of topics …


  • Western AreaHatoyama Town

    Hatoyama Farm Village Park

    A park surrounded by water and greenery. The park is free of charge to enter. All year round, the park is crowde…

    Parks / Gardens

  • Western AreaHanno City

    Hotel Heritage Hanno sta.

    0 minutes on foot from the Seibu Ikebukuro Line’s Hannō Station’s North Exit; check in is possible without an um…