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Sightseeing spot

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  • Central AreaSaitama City


    At our building, attached to the Iwatsuki Doll Museum, we want people to learn the history and culture of Iwatsu…

    Historical and Cultural facilities Tour / Experience facilities Restaurants

  • Central AreaOkegawa City

    Benibana (Safflower museum)

    This cultural facility is a renovated private house built in the late Meiji era. Here you can partake in variou…


  • Central AreaKawaguchi City

    Auto race

    An asphalt oval course with a lap of 500 meters. The start and goal line is different, and the standard race is …


  • Northern AreaKamisato Town

    Konohana Park Kamisato

    Great accessibility with its location right by the Kamisato Smart IC. You can shop for seasonal fruits and veget…

    Parks / Gardens Tour / Experience facilities Restaurants Sweets Products / Direct sales shops

  • Northern AreaKamisato Town

    Agripark Kamisato

    Located right next to the Kamisato Smart IC, the store is packed with fresh produce representing Kamisato, such …

    Restaurants Products / Direct sales shops

  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Yoshikawa Fukujuya

    Since its establishment in the mid-Edo period, this long-established teahouse-restaurant has been protecting and…


  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Ryotei Koujiya

    The restaurant retains its original appearance from the time of its establishment about 400 years ago in the ear…


  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Kappou Masuya

    Masuya is the largest place for consumtion of farm-raised catfish in Yoshikawa. This famous restaurant has been …


  • Central AreaKonosu City

    Kounosu Flower Center

    This is one of the largest flower markets in eastern Japan. There is a guided course through the market facility…

    Flower Restaurants Other

  • Chichibu AreaChichibu City

    Chichibu Furusato-Kan

    This store was originally the main building of a meisen silk wholesaler that prospered in the Taisho era. It has…

    Historical and Cultural facilities Restaurants Products / Direct sales shops

  • Western AreaHigashimatsuyama City


    JA Saitama Chuo's Higashi Matsuyama direct sales center "Inahoterasu" is an open building constructed with local…

    Restaurants Sweets Products / Direct sales shops

  • Eastern AreaKasukabe City

    Roadside Station Showa

    Roadside Station Showa is surrounded by a rural landscape of fertile farmland, small forest grooves, and pastora…

    Restaurants Sweets Sake Products / Direct sales shops

  • Central AreaKonosu City

    Kakyu No Sato

    From the moment you pass through the Nagaya gate, you will find yourself in an atmospheric space where you can f…

    Parks / Gardens Flower Restaurants Other Products / Direct sales shops