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  • Eastern AreaHanyu City

    Saitama Aquarium

    This aquarium centers around exhibiting about 70 different types of freshwater fish that live in the Saitama Pre…

    Museums Tour / Experience facilities

  • Eastern AreaGyoda City

    Saitama Prefectural Museum of Sakitama Ancient Burial Mounds

    From the “Sakitama Kofun (Tumulus)” built between the late 5th century to the early 7th century to the national …

  • Eastern AreaShiraoka City

    Shishi Museum

    This is a private museum on the theme of ’Shishimai' (traditional lion dance), featuring authentic lion masks, c…


  • Eastern AreaShiraoka City

    Ancient Lotus Pond

    Around 200 flowers bloom here during the peak season. Based on analytic results, this flower is an ancient form…

  • Eastern AreaSatte City

    Gongendo Park

    The sakura garden in Gongendo is a hot spot for cherry blossoms, thanks to the 1000 Yoshino cherry trees that li…

    Parks / Gardens Scenery / Landscape Flower

  • Eastern AreaHasuda City

    Seiryu Brewery

    Seiryu brewery is famous for being the biggest producer in the Kanto region and offering both superb taste and p…


  • Eastern AreaGyoda City

    Yokota Brewery

    In 1805 a traveling merchant from the former Oomi province, the current Shiga prefecture, arrived in Gyoda city …

    Tour / Experience facilities Sake

  • Eastern AreaKoshigaya City


    Hanataen is a circular water garden of about 2 hectares that is centered around a beautiful pond and displays Ja…


  • Eastern AreaYashio City

    Nakagawa Yashio Flower Park

    Located on the Nakagawa Riverbed of about 13,000 square meters, the contrast between the 120 pink peach blossoms…

    Parks / Gardens Scenery / Landscape Flower

  • Eastern AreaGyoda City

    Sakitama Kofun Park

    Sakitama Kofun Park is home to 9 large "kofuns", megalithic tombs where, among other things, the national treasu…

    Historical and Cultural facilities Parks / Gardens Flower Festivals and Traditional performing arts

  • Eastern AreaMiyashiro City

    Atarashii Mura (New Village)

    Atarashii Mura, or The New Village, is a tourist facility with "agriculture" as its theme. The facility has a ma…

    Parks / Gardens Scenery / Landscape Tour / Experience facilities Sweets Sake Products / Direct sales shops

  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Nagata Park

    From the top of the park's symbol, the 16-meter high "Yoshikawa Mount Fuji," you can enjoy a panoramic view of t…

    Parks / Gardens

  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Akua Park

    This park, which is unique in the prefecture due to its skateboard and basketball area and its outdoor stage, wa…

    Parks / Gardens

  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Yoshikawa Tennen Onsen Yuami

    Just a minute's walk from the station, the natural hot spring water gushes out from 1500 meters underground and …

    One-day bathing and leisure facilities

  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Seki Park’s Cherry blossom of hope

    Cherry trees that have sprouted from the seeds of the Jindai cherry tree in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, w…

    Parks / Gardens

  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Yoshikawa Fukujuya

    Since its establishment in the mid-Edo period, this long-established teahouse-restaurant has been protecting and…


  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Ryotei Koujiya

    The restaurant retains its original appearance from the time of its establishment about 400 years ago in the ear…


  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Kappou Masuya

    Masuya is the largest place for consumtion of farm-raised catfish in Yoshikawa. This famous restaurant has been …


  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Minami Central Park

    Located only a 5-minute walk from Yoshikawaminami Station on the JR Musashino Line. This is the largest park in …

    Parks / Gardens

  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Yoshikawa Shrine

    In 1187, the Yoshikawa clan reestablished the indigenous deity of Suwa shrine as the guardian deity of the Yoshi…

    Temples and Shrines Festivals and Traditional performing arts