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Eastern Area Kasukabe City

Kasukabe Ōdako Raising Festival

At Nishi Hōshubana’s Edogawa Riverbed, there is a large kite flying festival that takes place to pray for the health and happy growth of children. On May 3rd, the large kites are made and the babies' first annual festival is held to the sight of small and large kites soaring in the sky. On May 5th, not only does the flying of the small and large kites continue, but there is also a kite-flying contest!

Kasukabe Ōdako Raising Festival
Date and time
May 3rd, May 5th
Edogawa Riverbed
North Exit of Minami-Sakurai Station → Temporary Direct Bus from Kasukabe Station’s East Exit → Asahi Bus (Ōtako Kōen Iriguchi (Entrance of Ōtako Park)), Tobu Dōbutsu Kōen Station East Exit → Asahi Bus (Ōtako Kōen Mae (In front of Ōtako Park))
Contact information
Kasukabe Ōdako Raising Festival Secretariat of the Executive Committee 〒344-8577 Saitama Prefecture, Kasukabe City, Central, 6-2-3 Annex 1F TEL 048-736-1111 (Kasukabe Ward Office Within the Division of Tourism Promotion)
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