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Northern Area Yorii Town

Yorii Mikan Picking

The origin of mikan (Japanese mandarin) cultivation in Yorii Town has an impressive history of about 400 years. The Fuuppu area and Kobayashi area are small basin along the Fuuppu River where mikan has been cultivated since long ago.
Yorii mikan are characterized by their traditional sweet and sour taste, and many fans are waiting eagerly for them every year.

Yorii Mikan Picking
Date and time
Late October to mid December
Fuuppu, Yorii Town/ Kanao Yorii Town
・Car:About 20 minutes from Hanazono IC on the Kan-Etsu Expressway
・Public transport:Get off at "Hagure Station" on the Chichibu Railway Line. Kobayashi Mikanyama ... 30 minutes on foot / Fuuppu mandarin orange ...40 minutes on foot

Contact information
Yorii Town Tourism Assocciation: 048-581-3012
Fuuppu mandarin orange: 048-581-4977
Kobayashi mandarin orange:048-581-5334
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Entrance fee: 800 yen (Free tasting in the garden, souvenir included)

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