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Ina’s Residence Trace (Prefecture’s Designated Monument)|CHOCOTABI SAITAMA


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Central AreaIna Town

Ina’s Residence Trace (Prefecture’s Designated Monument)

Ina town has a rich history, still visible in the seemingly ordinary townscape of today, telling the tales of many hundred years ago.
For example, you can find the ruins of the encampment used by the prominent leader Tadatsugu Ina, who served under the Tokugawa shogunate during the Edo period.
Tadatsugu improved irrigation channels and developed rice fields, laying the foundation for the legendary Tokugawa rule that lasted 260 years.
To this day, earthworks, moats, and streets remind us of the past through their names that relate to ruins of old gates, encampments, storehouses, and other historical structures.
Excavations are still under process, and new finds, such as unique earth constructions made to hinder enemy troops, are being discovered, further revealing the exciting history of Ina town.

Historical and Cultural facilities

Basic Information

Tourist spot name
Ina’s Residence Trace (Prefecture’s Designated Monument)
185, Komuro, Ina Town
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Event information
In November, there will be a Tadatsugu History Festival


Public transport
10 minutes from Maruyama Station of Saitama Shintoshi public transport (New Shuttle)
There are no parking lots, so please try to avoid coming with a car.


The historic sites include many privately owned lands, so please do not enter spaces freely. Please visit by following manners.

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