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Saitama Prefectural Ranzan Historical Museum|CHOCOTABI SAITAMA


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Western AreaRanzan Town

Saitama Prefectural Ranzan Historical Museum

Our building is located in a place that has undergone a transition from the Kamakura period’s samurai’s palace, “Sugaya-yakata”, to the Sengoku period’s castle, “Sugaya-jō”.

Opened as the Saitama Prefectural Historical Data Museum in April of 1976, and later in April 1st of 2006, based on the plan for reorganization and maintenance of the prefectural museum facility, documents related to the Sugaya-yakata along with the collection, storage, and research investigation of archaeological materials related to medieval historic sites such as the medieval castles were completed. Plotting its application, the museum was rebuilt with the purpose of contributing to the development of education, learning, and culture. At this time, the name of the building was changed from Saitama Prefectural Historical Data Museum to its current name.

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Saitama Prefectural Ranzan Historical Museum
757, Sugaya, Ranzan Town, Hiki Gun, Saitama Prefecture
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