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Saitama Kodomo Doubutu Nature Park|CHOCOTABI SAITAMA


Sightseeing spot

Western AreaHigashimatsuyama City

Saitama Kodomo Doubutu Nature Park

At the vast site that spreads 46 hectares towards Hiki Hills, popular animals such as the giraffes, red pandas, koalas, as well as the ecological park of Humboldt penguins known as the “Penguin Hills” can be enjoyed.
Adjacent to the park, there is a path to take strolls and a path for those interesting in cross country.

This is the only zoo in Japan in which Eco Houchoo’s Gundi, Hyrax, and the world’s smallest deer, Pudu, and the Quokka, which joined to commemorate the park’s 40th anniversary, can be seen. Winter’s seasonal tradition: “Capybara Hot Spring” is very popular as well.

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Basic Information

Tourist spot name
Saitama Kodomo Doubutu Nature Park
Higashimatsuyama Iwadono 554 
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Business hours / Fee

Business hours
10: 00 ~ 17: 00
* From November 15th to February 10th, 9: 30 ~ 16: 30
* Admission tickets are available 1 hour before closing time.
Regular holiday
Every Monday (open in case of a holiday) ※Mondays and Tuesdays of January may be closed from time to time, so please contact us in advance.
Adults (Older than High School Students) 520 yen ■Youth (Elementary・Middle School)  210 yen ★Price for Groups (30 or more people) ★ ■Adults(Older than high school) 420 yen ■Youth (Elementary・Middle School)170 yen ※Free for those who have not yet entered elementary school.


Public transport
Take the bus headed for Hatoyama New Town from Tobu Tojō Line’s Takasaki Station (about a 5 minute ride), and get off at “Kodomo Dōbutsu Shizen Kōen” but stop.
・Head to the direction of Higashi Matsuyama from "Tsurugashima" Interchange of Kan-Etsu Expressway. Take a left on the intersection "Takasaka 4 Chome" of the national route 407 and head straight for 2 kilometers. ・Head in the direction of Kawagoe・Kawajima from "Higashi Matsuyama" Interchange of Kan-Etsu Expressway. Take a right prior to the interchange, then take a right on the T junction of the Yoneyama Oohashi North Intersection, and take another right at the next signal, and head straight for 0.8 kilometers
Fee: Regular Car / 600 yen
Large Vehicle / 1,200 yen


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