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Eastern AreaGyoda City

Haniwa no Yakata

At the building of Haniwa located inside the Saitama Kofun Group, anyone can experience making their own Haniwa with the help of an instructor.

In order to create a Haniwa, there are 3 steps: 90 minutes of molding, drying for about a month, heating in the kiln located inside the building at a heat of 800℃ for approximately 7 hours. Once the Haniwa is complete, it can either be retrieved in person or can be delivered and paid on arrival.

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Basic Information

Tourist spot name
Haniwa no Yakata
Gyōda-shi Sakitama 5239-2
Home page

Business hours / Fee

Business hours
9: 00 ~ 16: 30
* The final reception for making haniwa is until 14:30
Regular holiday
Monday (Open in case of a holiday), the following day of a holiday (Open in case of it being a Saturday), New Year's Holiday (December 27th to January 5th)
Private Clay 1kg 600 yen, Clay 2kg 1,000 yen Group Clay 1kg 500 yen, Clay 2kg 800 yen


Public transport
・Get off at Gyōda Station of JR Takasaki Line and take the Local Loop Bus’s course circling clockwise around tourist destinations to “Saitama Kofun Kōen-mae”
・Get off at Gyōda-shi Station of Chichibu Railway and take the Local Loop Bus’s course circling counterclockwise around tourist destinations to “Saitama Kofun Kōen-mae”
・About 30 minutes from "Hanyū" Interchange of Tohoku Expressway ・About 40 minutes from "Higashi Matsuyama" Interchange of Kan-Etsu Expressway ・About 30 minutes from "Okegawa-Kitamoto" Interchange of Ken-o Expressway
・All free
・Available for Large Buses

Universal design

  • Wheelchair parking

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