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Oshi Castle Ruins ・Gyōda City Local Museum|CHOCOTABI SAITAMA


Sightseeing spot

Eastern AreaGyoda City

Oshi Castle Ruins ・Gyōda City Local Museum

Oshi Castle has been counted as one of the 7 famous castles in the Kanto region; it was built in the civilization years of the Muromachi period. It is known as an “Uki-jō (Floating Castle)” as it is said to have endured the flooding of Ishida Mitsunari during Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s suppression of Kanto. This story has been modeled for the movie “Nobō-no-Shiro (The Floating Castle)”.

As of now, it has been listed as one of the 100 famous Japanese castles.

The “Oshijyō Gosankaiyagura (Oshi Castle Three Story Turret)” was torn down during the Meiji period and was rebuilt in 1988, with the inside being an exhibition room of the local museum; the whole view of the city can be seen on the top floor.

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Basic Information

Tourist spot name
Oshi Castle Ruins ・Gyōda City Local Museum
Gyōda-shi Honmaru17-23
048-554-5911 (Gyōda City Local Museum)048-554-5911 (Gyōda City Local Museum)
048-553-4951 (Gyōda City Local Museum)
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Event information
Every year in the middle of November, "Gyōda Kōgyō (Industry) Matsuri・Oshi Jyō Jidai (Era) Matsuri" takes place

Business hours / Fee

Business hours
・Site of Oshi Castle
 Open all day
・Gyōda-shi Local Museum
 ※Please enter before 16:00
Regular holiday
・Site of Oshi Castle
 No holidays
・Gyōda Local Museum
 Monday (Open on Holidays・Weekends)/The day after a holiday(Open on Saturday and Sunday)/The fourth Friday of each month (Open during a special exhibition)/New Year's Holiday
○Site of Oshi Castle
・No entry fee
○ Gyōda-shi Local Museum Entry Fee
・Private General 200 yen, University・High School Student 100 yen, Middle・Elementary School 50 yen
・Group (More than 20 people) General 160 yen、University・High School 80 yen, Middle School ・Elementary School 40 yen
※All prices include tax


Public transport
○ From Gyōda Station of JR Takasaki Line
・Get off at “Oshijyō-shi・Kyoudo Hakubutsukan-mae” of Local Loop Bus’s course (counterclockwise) circling in the west direction
・Get off at “Gyōda-shi Bus Terminal” of the Local Loop Bus’s course (clockwise) circling in the west direction and walk for about 5 minutes
・Get off at “Gyōda-shi Bus Terminal” of the Local Loop Bus’s course circling around tourist destinations (clockwise) and walk for about 5 minutes
○ From Fukiage Station of JR Takasaki Line (North Exit)
・Take the Asahi Bus (en route Maetani) headed for Gyōdaorikaeshiba・Gyōda-shi Eki・Sōgō Kyōiku Center and get off at “Oshijyō”
・Take the Asahi bus (en route Sama) headed for Gyōdaorikeaeshiba・Sōgō Kyōiku Center・Kōgyō Danchi and get off at “Shinmachi 1 Chome” and walk for about 10 minutes
○Approximately a 15 minute walk from “Gyōda-shi Station” (South Exit) of Chichibu Railway
・About 25 minutes from "Hanyū" Interchange of Tohoku Expressway ・About 40 minutes from "Higashi Matsuyama" Interchange of Kan-Etsu Expressway ・About 30 minutes from "Okegawa-Kitamoto" Interchange of Ken-o Expressway
All free
・P1 Bus 4 spaces, Regular car 33 spaces
・P2 Regular car 23 spaces, Regular cars for individuals with a disability 1 space


Foreign language support
Information on exhibits in the Gyōda City Local Museum can be provided in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese using an audio guide.

Universal design

  • Multipurpose toilet
  • Wheelchair-accessible slope
  • Wheelchair entry
  • Voice guidance
  • Wheelchair parking
  • Compatible with diaper changing tables

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