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Nagatoro Sakura (Kita-zakura Street and the Sakura Passage)|CHOCOTABI SAITAMA


Sightseeing spot

Chichibu AreaNagatoro Town

Nagatoro Sakura (Kita-zakura Street and the Sakura Passage)

Kita-zakura Street is a tunnel of cherry blossoms, with about 400 cherry blossoms lined up for about 2.5 kilometers, that goes along the Arakawa river from Nagatoro Station to Takasago Bridge.
The Sakura Passage is located at the foot of Mt. Hodo in Nagatoro Town. Here you can see more than 30 varieties of double-flowered cherry blossoms, measuring up to a total of about 500 cherry blossom trees. During the flowering season, they are lit up with beautiful illuminations. The best time to see the flowers is from early April to mid-April on Kita-zakura Street and from mid-April to late April on the Sakura Passage.

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Basic Information

Tourist spot name
Nagatoro Sakura (Kita-zakura Street and the Sakura Passage)
1753-1 Nagatoro, Nagatoro-cho, Chichibu-gun, Saitama Prefecture
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Event information
Kitazakura Street (Sakura Tunnel) Early-Mid April / Cherry blossoms passing through (Yaezakura) Mid-April to late April

Business hours / Fee

Business hours
Sakura passing through 9am to 9pm
Kitazakura Street is free, Sakura passing through, 200 yen for adults


Public transport
15 minutes on foot from Nagatoro Station on the Chichibu Railway
From the Kan-Etsu Expressway "Hanazono IC", take National Highway 140, about 19km
Kitazakura Street: None, Sakura passing through: There is a charge

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