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  • Western AreaKawagoe City

    Kawagoe Festival Hall

    The two genuine Dashis (festival cars) that has been pulled at the Kawagoe Festival is on display along with mat…

    Historical and Cultural facilities Tour / Experience facilities

  • Eastern AreaKazo City

    Kitakawabe Rice Park

    This is a facility where one can experience farming that cannot be experienced in the city, such as rice growing…

    Tour / Experience facilities

  • Eastern AreaKazo City

    Saitama Environmental Science International Center

    Center for Environmental Science in Saitama is a core institution of environmental sciences with the environment…

    Tour / Experience facilities

  • Eastern AreaGyoda City

    Tabi to Kurashi Museum

    “Tabi to Kurashi (Tabi and Life’s) Museum” was originally a factory of tabi socks delivering to tabi stores unde…

    Tour / Experience facilities

  • Western AreaIruma City

    Iruma City Cultural Creation Atelier “AMIGO!”

    AMIGO! In Spanish, it means “friend” or “fellow”. The Iruma City Cultural Creation Atelier is commonly known as …

    Tour / Experience facilities

  • Western AreaTokigawa Town

    Tokigawa Shikisai-kan

    This is a day trip hot spring facility that was built by relocating an ancient house. Located close to the Tokig…

    One-day bathing and leisure facilities

  • Central AreaSaitama City


    At our building, attached to the Iwatsuki Doll Museum, we want people to learn the history and culture of Iwatsu…

    Historical and Cultural facilities Tour / Experience facilities Restaurants

  • Eastern AreaHanyu City

    Saitama Aquarium

    This aquarium centers around exhibiting about 70 different types of freshwater fish that live in the Saitama Pre…

    Museums Tour / Experience facilities

  • Northern AreaYorii Town

    Saitama Museum of Rivers

    The Saitama Museum of Rivers is an experience-oriented comprehensive museum centering around the Arakawa river w…

    Museums Tour / Experience facilities

  • Central AreaKawaguchi City

    SKIP City Visual Plaza

    This is the core facility for the SKIP City Project. The goal of the project is to introduce and accumulate info…

    Tour / Experience facilities

  • Western AreaTokorozawa City

    Sayama Hill Flora & Fauna Interaction Center

    This establishment utilizes the nature of Saruyama Hill to provide an opportunity to interact with, and think of…

    Tour / Experience facilities

  • Eastern AreaGyoda City

    Yokota Brewery

    In 1805 a traveling merchant from the former Oomi province, the current Shiga prefecture, arrived in Gyoda city …

    Tour / Experience facilities Sake

  • Chichibu AreaChichibu City

    Chichibu Geo Gravity Park

    The suspension bridge over Arakawa valley is a great place to enjoy activities utilizing gravity! Strap up with…

    Tour / Experience facilities

  • Chichibu AreaChichibu City

    Forest Adventure Chichibu

    In Chichibu Muse park's "Forest of Sports," there is a facility that anyone can enjoy regardless of age! In a m…

    Tour / Experience facilities

  • Western AreaHanno City

    Naguri Canoe Factory

    Surrounded by splendid nature, this is a factory where you can build canoes with the local Nishikawa timber. You…

    Tour / Experience facilities

  • Northern AreaKamisato Town

    Konohana Park Kamisato

    Great accessibility with its location right by the Kamisato Smart IC. You can shop for seasonal fruits and veget…

    Parks / Gardens Tour / Experience facilities Restaurants Sweets Products / Direct sales shops

  • Eastern AreaMiyashiro City

    Atarashii Mura (New Village)

    Atarashii Mura, or The New Village, is a tourist facility with "agriculture" as its theme. The facility has a ma…

    Parks / Gardens Scenery / Landscape Tour / Experience facilities Sweets Sake Products / Direct sales shops

  • Western AreaHatoyama Town

    Hatoyama Kouryu Taiken Area

    The purpose of this facility is to provide a place for interaction within and outside the community. The facilit…

    Tour / Experience facilities

  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Hanayoi Glass Studio

    At the Hanayo Glass Studio of Tamami Sudo, a glass blowing artist who has done exhibitions at numerous famous de…

    Tour / Experience facilities

  • Eastern AreaYoshikawa City

    Aquaignis Musashino Onsen

    This natural hot spring was opened in June 2021 in Aeon Town Yoshikawa Minami, with the theme of ''taste, pleasu…

    One-day bathing and leisure facilities