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Northern Area Kumagaya City

Kumagaya Fireworks Festival

Pyrotechnicians compete in skill as they set off one mind-blowing firework after the other at the Star Mine Contest. In addition, there are even fireworks constructed to convey messages, such as birthday wishes or proposals! This night, the Kumagaya sky is colored by roughly 10,000 fireworks. Furthermore, there are about 500 stalls lined up on the riverbed, bustling with life and energy. This is a event where Kumagaya stays up late and is heated with excitement.

Kumagaya Fireworks Festival
Date and time
Second Saturday of August
Arakawa Ōhashi Downstream Side Riverbed
5 minutes on foot from Kumagaya Station’s South Exit
Contact information
(One Venture) Kumagaya City Tourism Association 048-594-6677
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