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Eastern Area Gyoda City

Gyoda Hanachōzu

Hanachōzu(Floating flowers in the basin) began at Gyoda Hachiman Shrine in April 2020, with the desire to “provide healing to those who visit the shrine” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This initiative spread to Sakitama Shrine in the city, and with the intention of providing hospitality to visitors who come to enjoy the Hanachōzu, the "Gyōda Hanachōzu Week" was started in October of the same year. Not only the shrines but also the eaves of shops and houses are adorned with Hanachōzu throughout the entire community. This event is held for a limited period from the 1st to the 14th of every month (from the 15th to the end of the month in November and January). *It is not held in July and August.

Since April 2021, a light-up event featuring Hanachōzu has also been held under the theme of "Light of Hope."  *It is not held in July, August, and January.

*Please be aware that the display of Hanachōzu spot may vary depending on various circumstances such as store closures and weather conditions.

Additionally, many shops are closed on Mondays, so please make sure to confirm in advance.

Gyoda Hanachōzu
Date and time
1st to 14th of each month (15th to end of month in January and November)
Oshi Castle Ruins, Gyoda Hachiman Shrine, Sakitama Shrine, Shops and private houses in the area around Oshi Castle Ruins and Gyoda Hachiman Shrine, Tourist Product Center Bratto Gyoda, Oshi Castle Bus Terminal, Tourist Information Center, and others.
Contact information
Gyoda City Tourism Association:048-577-8442
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